GORNPHOTO is a professional photography studio specializing in actor headshots and corporate headshots NYC.

Who we are & What we do

We have been in the business of professional LA and NYC headshots and portraits for over 20 years. Our clientele ranges from actors, comedians, entertainers of all kinds, business executives, real estate brokers, medical professionals, writers, and numerous others.

GORNPHOTO provides everything you need to ensure your photo shoot is a success. From pre and post-shoot consultations to image editing and retouching, our range of expert services ensure you will receive an outstanding product. We offer a variety of packages including cutting-edge professional actor headshots, exclusive portraits sessions, 24-hour-turn-around, as well as top of the line hair and makeup styling.


Corporate Headshots

Actor Headshots

For an actor, getting that audition slot depends exclusively on your headshot. Your talent and hard work will only be seen if you get to audition for that special role that will launch your career. Nothing is more important than getting the right headshot. Your ability to get the audition will determine the success of your acting career. Your headshot gets the audition. Your talent books the role.  

Your headshot is the only calling card you have.  If it tells Casting Directors exactly who you are and what roles you are perfect for, it will get you called into auditions, you will book acting work, and you will launch your acting career.

In our studio or on-location at your office, professional headshots are a strategic investment for a career-driven individual who is pursuing distinction and excellence in their field.  Lev has the rare gift to parlay your brand and mission into photographs which can be used for marketing materials, social media, and high resolution website images. 

Within any industry, a professional headshot demonstrates that you are dedicated, committed and driven. A LinkedIn shot can go a long way! Moreover, headshots accompany pitches and proposals for clients. Your professional headshot is the singular expression of who you are as a career-driven individual and inspires confidence in your clients.


Lev Gorn- photographer, artist, actor


249 W. 34th St  New York, NY 1001


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