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Your ability to get the audition will determine the success of your acting career.

However, getting that audition slot depends exclusively on your headshot. Your talent and hard work will only be seen if we get to audition for that special role that will launch your career. Nothing is more important than getting the right headshot.

Your headshot gets the audition. Your talent books the role.

There are over 200 headshot photographers in New York City. Choosing one is like playing the lottery. Most photographers can take a nice picture of you. But a nice picture does not grab the casting director’s attention. A nice picture goes into the wastebasket!

What kind of headshot grabs the casting director's attention?

What is the recipe that creates a headshot that brings you inside the audition room? What sort of headshot makes a casting director want to meet the person in the photograph? What kind of headshot stops a casting director in their tracks?

Let’s take the mystery out of becoming a working actor… you step inside the audition room, you do a kick-ass read, you stand out, you book the role!

“Your headshot has to jump off the page, grab their attention, and tell
the casting director exactly who you are and what roles you can play.” - Lev Gorn    
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1. Your individual qualities

The way you express yourself through your eyes and physical demeanor, which is further enhanced through your connection with Lev during the shoot as he guides you along his unique process.

2. Your specific castability

Capturing your ability to play the kind of roles you are physically right for, depends entirely on his unique lighting design and the locations you will choose together.

3. Your dynamic range

This determines the roles you have the emotional range to play right now and in the future. Lev’s experience as a working actor and film director gives him the technical knowledge to capture this most important element of “who you are and what roles you can play”.