Your actor headshot has to jump off the page, grab the casitng director’s attention, and tell them exactly who you are and what roles you can play.

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Actor Headshots at Gornphoto

Your actor headshot has to jump off the page, grab the casitng director’s attention, and tell them exactly who you are and what roles you can play.


1. Your individual qualities

However, getting that audition slot depends exclusively on your actor headshot. Your talent and hard work will only be seen if we get to audition for that special role that will launch your career. Nothing is more important than getting the right headshots in NYC.

2. Your specific castability

There are over 200 headshot photographers in New York City. Choosing one is like playing the lottery. Most photographers can take a nice picture of you. But a nice picture does not grab the casting director’s attention. A nice picture goes into the wastebasket!

3. Your dynamic range

What is the recipe that creates an actor headshot that brings you inside the audition room? What sort of headshot makes a casting director want to meet the person in the photograph? What kind of headshot stops a casting director in their tracks?

There are over 42,000 actors in the United States with an average age of 38.9 years. Five percent (5%) of these actors are earning an average annual salary of $45,921, which is $9,603 less than the average national salary of $55,524. One percent (1%) of these actors are earning upwards of a million dollars.

Yet, actors stay in the industry for the love of the work and the calling of their dreams to make it as a professional working actor.

What is the most important tool an actor has at their fingertips to achieve their goals?

Looks? Passion? Talent? Training? Reel? Connections?

Your amazing new headshot that tells casting directors exactly who you are and what roles you can play. It’s the only thing standing between you and the audition where you will book a life changing role.

Your headshots are the first thing to be seen by an agent, manager, casting director, and everyone else in the entertainment industry who are casting roles in new films, tv shows, web series, or plays. They look at your headshot before they read your resume or watch your reel.

Unfortunately, 95% of headshots go straight into the wastebasket.

What can you do?

Your headshot has to explode off the page and tell casting directors exactly who you are and what roles you can play. Your headshots have to cover your acting range. Your headshot has to stop that casting director in their tracks so you can get that audition!

why shoot with lev gorn for actor headshots in nyc


Over the past 20 years, Lev Gorn has redefined the art of headshot photography. Lev’s first-hand knowledge of the business and extensive experience in front and behind the camera sets him apart from the rest of NYC headshot photographers. He has developed a uniquely personal and innovative approach to creating headshots for actors that result in weekly auditions. When Lev isn’t shooting, he’s acting. Lev Gorn’s career in film and television covers over 60 films and TV series! Lev is currently recurring on Apple TV’s “For All Mankind” and STARZ “Raising Kanan”.

His “behind the scenes” understanding of what agents, managers, and casting directors want, allows him to capture you in a way that tells them exactly who you are and what roles you can play. He directs you during the shoot as if you were on a movie set, listens to your ideas, and makes you feel relaxed and confident in front of the camera. He has an unmistakable eye for the right wardrobe styles and colors, locations, lighting, and makeup. And how all of these elements create headshots that book auditions. 

lev gorn | gornphoto| acting images

Lev chooses specific locations and custom tailors lighting that captures your specific range. His lighting design captures you as if you were on the set of a film or television show. Each actor is lit differently according to their specific type and the kind of project in which they will be cast. Lighting correctly for your type is one of the most important elements of an effective headshot. He knows how to coach you, make you feel relaxed, and together create headshots that grab the casting director’s attention and get 30% more auditions.

Most headshot photographers focus on making you look beautiful. But beautiful and castable are often not the same thing. Getting your headshots is not a vanity project. The singular purpose of your headshot is to get auditions. If your headshots do not get you weekly auditions, your acting career goes nowhere. 

The more auditions you get, the more “up-to-bats” you have to book a role – the more “up-to-bats, the more roles you will book. If you don’t have an extensive resume, getting auditions depends exclusively on your headshots. The success of your acting career is equal to the power of your headshot.


As time passes and we evolve and grow as artists, we discover new parts of ourselves and become better actors and more interesting human beings. Our every experience becomes a part of who we are in our day-to-day life. And all of those experiences are expressed on our faces and shine through our eyes. A new headshot will show casting directors our creative growth and the passion that burns inside. It will open doors that have been previously closed to us because a casting director will see something new in our eyes that wasn’t there a year ago. 

A new headshot is an investment into your ever-evolving acting career.  It’s easy to blame your agent or manager for not getting you auditions. But if it’s been a year or more since your last headshot session, it’s in the best interest of your acting career – especially for Pilot Season – to update your headshots or at the very least, shoot 2-to 3 new looks.

professional actor headshots in nyc

For example, shooting outdoors is a bit more improvisational than in the studio. There is a vibrant energy on the street, depth and texture in the background, that makes for a truly unique experience and one of a kind headshot that captures the casting director’s imagination. 

If your current actor headshots have been submitted over and over again, they are getting stale. Casting directors are swamped with hundreds of submissions. No resume credit will open the door to an audition better than a fresh new headshot. 

Remember, casting directors won’t look at your resume or reel unless your headshot jumps off the page, stops them in their tracks, and tells them exactly who you are and what roles you can play. Does your headshot get you weekly auditions?

WHAT TO EXPECT: When you arrive at the Gornphoto Studio your wardrobe will be hung on a clothing rack. You’ll have time to relax, listen to your favorite music, and have a coffee. You and Lev will discuss your wardrobe options and together you’ll make the best choices. After the hair and make-up is complete the shoot will start!

Professional actor headshots in New York

Let’s take the mystery out of becoming a working actor… you step inside the audition room, you do a kick-ass read, you stand out, you book the role!

Your ability to get the audition will determine the success of your acting career.

However, getting that audition slot depends exclusively on your actor headshot. Your talent and hard work will only be seen if we get to audition for that special role that will launch your career. Nothing is more important than getting the right headshots in NYC.

Your headshot gets the audition. Your talent books the role.

There are over 200 headshot photographers in New York City. Choosing one is like playing the lottery. Most photographers can take a nice picture of you. But a nice picture does not grab the casting director’s attention. A nice picture goes into the wastebasket!

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What kind of actor headshots grab the casting director’s attention?

What is the recipe that creates an actor headshot that brings you inside the audition room? What sort of headshot makes a casting director want to meet the person in the photograph? What kind of headshot stops a casting director in their tracks?
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Actor headshots customer testimonials

Benjamin SwerdlowBenjamin Swerdlow
21:36 18 Mar 24
Lev was great. His coaching really helped me get a a solid headshot! My colleagues were impressed
Gerald WilliamsGerald Williams
16:25 10 Mar 24
This experience was much better than I anticipated! Lev was kind, energetic, and very attentive. He has a good eye for the perfect pose, and snapped an amazing shot for me. I’m ready to take on the world, all thanks to Lev and Gorn Photo! I definitely recommend him and look forward to working with him again.
Cameron WiegelCameron Wiegel
17:50 09 Mar 24
GORNPHOTO is a great company when you need Photos for headshots and acting and just a very professional company all around. I was looking for a photographer for my son’s headshots since he’s interested in commercials and acting and I searched around and nobody except for Mr. Gorn responded to me. He called me and I mentioned what we were looking for and he sent me his website link again and his accomplishments and I went over this with my son and his mom and we decided to use Mr. Gorn. It was a great experience and my son rarely smiles and Lev and Julianna brought out the best in him. They Made him feel at ease and comfortable and just a fun experience and my son had a lot of fun and he still tells me today, he enjoyed the whole experience. I can tell Mr. Gorn is a dedicated and diligent and hard working actor and photographer and his experience shows though his work. To give an example Lev and Julianna travelled to our community and did the photo shot for my son and again they brought out the best in him and made him feel at ease. I always say, you pay for what you get and I have no complaints but praise and thanks. The final photos have clarity and the amount of light shines through them and they show a great side of my son for the upcoming casting events. You definitely inspired my son from your advice. Again I will alwaysrecommend your photography company to everyone and you can add one of his photos to your website which that is fine with us. Again from me and Carol and William, we all had fun and thanks to Julianna and you Lev.
Andrew CauchiAndrew Cauchi
20:33 28 Feb 24
I worked with Lev on a law firm profile/website headshot. It was a great experience. Lev was friendly, professional, and easy to work with, and the headshots came out perfect! Highly recommend.
Finnegan WalshFinnegan Walsh
18:49 22 Feb 24
Lev does a great job. Makes you feel comfortable and explains the process well. Would recommend to anyone looking for headshots.
Janel TannaJanel Tanna
20:52 16 Feb 24
Lev made me feel comfortable from our first conversation. He came highly recommended by someone I respect greatly. Lev was easy going, professional and kind. Also of course a wonderful artist that worked with me to try to get the most ideal shots. He understands not only from a photographer viewpoint, but also from an actors perspective. He was generous with advice too which was appreciated! His makeup artist was also very good and professional.
Lisa RosenbaumLisa Rosenbaum
22:01 08 Jan 24
Insightful and perceptive, Lev approaches photography like an art rather than a job. Takes time to get to get to know his clients so his photos capture who they are. Highly recommend.
Julianna MelamedJulianna Melamed
17:31 14 Dec 23
I had a brand photo shoot with Lev for my new company and I can't even describe to you what an amazing experience it was!! I felt like a movie star, and with the photos he created, I look like one too! He took time to understand my brand identity and chose location, wardrobe and lighting that would truly represent me my company. I HIGHLY recommend GORNPHOTO to anyone who is looking to up their game and standout amongst all the people in their industries and fields. I used the photos on my website, for marketing material, social media platforms, email signature- pretty much every platform and document that requires a photo. The pics came out so good that I've had website inquiries (on my company website) about where I got my photos done and if I don't mind sharing the info.
Morgan PollackMorgan Pollack
01:25 03 Dec 23
Great experience working with Lev, he was very professional and the photos came out great! Highly recommend!
Caroline RadiganCaroline Radigan
00:34 22 Nov 23
Lev is an amazing photographer! I love my new headshots. The session was a lot of fun, and it is clear he knows how to get the best shot. Maria was also incredible with makeup. Thank you, Lev!
Siu Mey FungSiu Mey Fung
20:05 16 Nov 23
We booked Lev to help us re-shoot the headshots for our company website, and he was truly amazing. Lev was professional, and brought out the best in everyone. He was extremely responsive, and we’re very happy with how the photos turned out.
Carly BeddoeCarly Beddoe
14:41 14 Nov 23
Our firm had the most wonderful experience with Lev for our in-office headshots. He was quick to respond, very professional, and created a comfortable, fun environment for the shoot. He truly made us all look our best and we're so grateful! There's no other photographer we'd ever work with going forward. Thank you Lev 🙂
Michael LoweryMichael Lowery
01:38 14 Nov 23
Very professional and insightful. Not everyone can shoot professional photos, it requires a sense beyond what is seen through the eye piece. Lev has this ability and he truly creates magic.Pricing is extremely competitive for the amount time and passion he puts into each session.
Judith ShakespeareJudith Shakespeare
23:49 13 Nov 23
I would unquestionably go back to Lev Gorn when I need updated headshots. His easy manner and expertise enabled me to be at my best during the session, and even though I usually hate myself in photographs, I was very pleased with my headshots and delighted to submit them to jobs. I've been getting work and attention, and having great headshots has boosted my confidence tremendously. Thank you, Lev.
Daish DublinDaish Dublin
20:46 13 Nov 23
Lev is an amazing photographer! We book with him for corporate headshots, and he doesn't disappoint. Before the headshot he sends over a manual so to speak outlining what works best, what colors to wear etc. he even offers a makeup package! We're so lucky to have found him!
Joseph GuastellaJoseph Guastella
19:33 13 Nov 23
Was a pleasure working with Lev - very quick and efficient but quite thorough and the end results were great. Heartily recommend!
Mila SkorodinskayaMila Skorodinskaya
18:08 02 Nov 23
Wow! Words can’t even express the amazing experience my family and I had with Lev. We called Lev to create family portraits for us and the results far exceeded our expectations. Lev is not just a photographer, he is a true artist as well. Our family portraits session turned into family fine art. I highly recommend calling Lev for portraits!
Thomas BakerThomas Baker
14:58 25 Oct 23
I had a fantastic experience with GornPhoto recently. They were incredibly professional and delivered a superior product. Highly recommend!
steve williamssteve williams
15:14 11 Sep 23
I was very happy with my photos. Very easy to arrange, convenient, skilled and responsive.
ruhulamin ronyruhulamin rony
04:42 06 Sep 23
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Andrew ShavrinAndrew Shavrin
18:43 30 Aug 23
It was amazing experience! Headshots came out excellent! Highly recommend Gornphoto for your headshots!
Charles TsakhCharles Tsakh
19:50 27 Aug 23
Lev made the headshot process incredibly easy from start to finish. Simple and easy to book. Showcasing his excellent eye behind the camera, finding your best angles and expressions through skillful camera work and lighting adjustments. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional corporate/ LinkedIn photo.
Benjamin SrivastavaBenjamin Srivastava
18:17 11 Aug 23
Lev is fantastic- has a true natural talent for aesthetic and is clearly experienced. Will definitely go back!
Kimberly JosephKimberly Joseph
17:35 08 Aug 23
Really great experience! Was shy about showing full teeth but the pictures came out great!
Cat StancikCat Stancik
04:33 07 Aug 23
Lev was absolutely amazing and will definitely be booking again! He took the time to understand what I needed and wanted from my session, gave me useful and valuable advice to help bring out the best in me.During the shoot he was helpful, engaging and gave direction without making me feel like he was giving direction!He took amazing pictures - where there were a ton of brilliant shots!No matter what you’re looking for Lev has the skillset to help bring it to life. I highly recommend booking him for whatever project you have coming up next!
Natasha GluzbergNatasha Gluzberg
16:17 06 Aug 23
Lev is a true professional, my corporate headshots were the talk of the bank! I have never received more compliments in my life! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Simply the best photography ever!
Dylan MoehringerDylan Moehringer
20:24 25 Jul 23
I had a great experience using this company. Lev was a great help, and made sure to help pick the best style for the headshot. Would highly recommend for future company shoots.
Marcelo TammaroMarcelo Tammaro
21:58 20 Jul 23
Lev is the ultimate professional. He has an amazing ability to capture the perfect shot by bringing out the best of your personality and look. I had a great time during the photo shoot and I highly recommend him.
Zachary KingZachary King
20:09 20 Jul 23
Lev is absolutely fantastic! I’m a professor that needed professional headshots to use online. So I searched the internet for photographers and found so many in midtown it was overwhelming. When I saw Lev’s samples online, his talent was immediately clear. You could just see there was a natural inviting nature to the photos he took. Perfect for a website or online profile where a professional headshot is needed to draw people in. After having gotten my headshots, I was blown away. The shots he got are more than I ever could have imagined. Truly an artist. He just knows how to capture your personality and can achieve a variety of different looks depending on the context of what you’re going for. I would absolutely without a doubt go back again and recommend to anyone looking for professional headshots. You simply can’t go wrong. Lev is the best!
Alexis R. DeSienoAlexis R. DeSieno
15:57 12 Jul 23
Lev was great and I highly recommend him. He is extremely professional, made me feel at ease, had fast turnaround and most importantly, the shots came out amazing. His makeup artist was also great. By far the best headshots I've ever had done!
Hayley KernHayley Kern
11:36 10 Jul 23
Lev made me feel so comfortable and took all the guess work out of getting my headshot taken! He made sure everything from my outfit choices, to the backdrop, and my hair coordinated together, and then delivered my photos so quickly… I’d recommend him to anyone looking for headshots!
Yiran ChenYiran Chen
20:06 23 Jun 23
Had a wonderful time working with Lev. He’s very professional and helpful with not only how to shoot great photos but providing lots of career advice as well! If you are an actor looking to get booked, he’s your guy!
Jennifer HellwarthJennifer Hellwarth
22:15 12 May 23
I have worked with Lev on corporate headshots several times this year and he has done a great job for us! Several of the reasons we continue to use him, 1]price is competitive, 2]quality of work, 3]communication, 4]ease of scheduling, 5]willingness to calendar a rush when needed, 6]turnaround time on photos, and 7]our employees have mentioned how great he is to work with. I highly recommend Lev for your corporate photography needs!
Stacye MayerStacye Mayer
18:11 21 Apr 23
Lev knows what it takes to capture your true self in a headshot. I have been recommending Lev Gorn for years. His sharp eye & knowledge of what it takes to grab the attention of industry professionals; like casting directors, agents, managers has always been exceptional. You will always receive a variety of shots you can easily swap out accordingly. Book your session soon!
Megan OrtagusMegan Ortagus
13:22 20 Apr 23
I was very pleased with my professional headshots from GornPhoto. I don’t love the process of getting my photo taken because I blink a lot, but I told Lev this at the start and he made sure to put me at ease, make me laugh, and actually produced some great photos with my eyes open! I also had some scheduling difficulties and Lev was very patient and made sure to stick with me so we could get the photos done. I appreciated his professionalism and ease of communication throughout.
Andi MaddoxAndi Maddox
00:53 17 Apr 23
My law firm hired Lev to take our headshots. I was told ahead of time by a coworker that Lev is great and it is true! He made the process easy and comfortable and I was happy with the pictures. Lev is very professional and clearly knows what he is doing. He gave me clear instructions on making small adjustments, and I ended up with a lot of good options. It was hard to choose a favorite! Given the few times I’ve had to get headshots taken, this has definitely been the best experience I have had.
Dawn McGeeDawn McGee
19:54 21 Mar 23
Gornphoto has been my 'go-to' for headshots for over 10 years now. I keep coming back to Lev because of his keen eye, utmost professionalism, collaborative spirit, insightful direction & for the joy he brings to each & every shot. A session with Lev is going to get you so many amazing photos to choose from &, on top of that, it's going to be a great deal of fun. He's the gold standard in my book.
Nicole FinneganNicole Finnegan
14:41 01 Feb 23
Excellent experience getting my professional headshot taken by Lev! A very kind guy, easy to talk to, and makes you feel comfortable (which means better photos!) My whole office uses him and for good reason - definitely the best place to get headshots in NYC.
Kathy SantopietroKathy Santopietro
22:01 09 Jan 23
Highly recommend Lev- he knows the business and knows what shots are needed. Great studio, professional and very knowledgable. I can't wait to get these shots up on the casting sites for my son. Actors, new and seasoned, would benefit from a session with Lev.
Rick WhiteRick White
18:17 29 Nov 22
I found Lev through a post on LinkedIn by a former colleague, and I loved the quality I saw. However, since my colleague is in Atlanta, I did not realize he was working out of NYC. So... even though his home base is NYC and I am based in Atlanta, I concluded that I liked his work more than others I had seen locally... I decided I would go to NYC to get my professional photos. I'm pleased with the results and recommend to anyone looking for quality photography with a great photographer that is easy to work with to contact Lev.
emma bristowemma bristow
16:51 30 Oct 22
Headshot photographer NYC. LEV GORN IS AMAZING!!! Him and his make up artist Maria was the best. This was a wonderful experience I ever had. He is very compassionate and skilled he knows how to make you comfortable. You will not regret booking with him!!
Katarina MorhacovaKatarina Morhacova
22:21 22 Oct 22
Lev is one of the best headshot photographers I’ve worked with both in the US. and Europe. His knowledge of the industry, understanding of both actor and photographer needs and POV and his personality and attitude will get you the results you need! You won’t be disappointed and your headshots will get you called in for auditions!
C. Hope BelmontC. Hope Belmont
19:52 28 Sep 22
Simply put, Lev Gorn is a rockstar. Having been an actor for years, these are the best headshots I’ve ever gotten. Himself a working actor, Lev has a unique eye when it comes to what Casting & producers need. Kind, instinctive, with a detailed “prep”… our session went smoothly. Honestly, I went into this photo shoot with a “pandemic brain”, and left excited for what the future holds. I study my craft & network with CDs, but Lev Gorn‘s photos will open many more doors. It’s very exciting! Run to him people. Lev is the BEST headshot photographer in New York City!
Erin HorlemanErin Horleman
17:38 08 Sep 22
Would absolutely recommend working with Lev if you’re looking for a headshot photographer in NYC! Look no further. Lev was extremely professional from planning the shoot all the way through to the end. We were required to have our shots taken outside and Lev was extremely accommodating in rescheduling due to weather and schedule challenges. During the shoot he was super engaging and made sure my awkwardness in front of the camera didn’t come through at all. Schedule your shoot with him ASAP!
Geo MandellGeo Mandell
21:17 10 Aug 22
Lev is amazing! He handled our company headshots in June and was truly a joy to work with from the moment I called him for a quote to the day we received our final photos. He made the process very seamless and was beyond flexible with our ever changing schedule. On the day of, he was so great with our team. He was efficient and professional and frankly just extremely good at what he does. Beyond his refreshing candor, the photos came out amazing. He managed to a make all of us look so great and bright and refreshed all while feeling very natural. He is A++++.
Lisa RuaneLisa Ruane
11:02 25 Jun 22
Lev took my first headshots many, many years ago and when I decided to get new ones this year, it never even crossed my mind to call anyone else. Lev is a true professional. He knows the business inside and out, as he is also a talented actor. He takes all of the guess-work and nerves out of the experience, guiding you every step of the way. It is evident from your first conversation that he loves what he does and that you know you can trust his expertise! He plays great music in his bright studio and it is truly an all around fantastic experience. He seriously takes the best headshots in NYC! Thank you, Lev!
Kathryn O'ConnellKathryn O'Connell
21:51 01 Jun 22
After my LA based reps struck down a few nyc photographers I sent them, they ended up suggesting Lev and I’m so glad they found him! I was happy to see that Lev is himself a working actor, and I got the vibe that I was getting everything I needed and not wasting time on anything I did not. Totally easy and stress free shoot, and I can’t wait to start getting more auditions from my shots!
Sheila WalshSheila Walsh
18:46 20 May 22
Lev was very professional and efficient, and he knew exactly how to take the best shots. I was nervous, but he made the experience easy and fun. My headshots are going to look great for LinkedIn, corporate blogs, personal use, etc. I would highly recommend Lev for anyone in need of new or refreshed photos- excellent job!
Aiden SlavinAiden Slavin
18:54 19 May 22
Lev is the man! He is a great photographer and a pleasure to work with. He got my headshot done in a matter of days after we connected and the photos look great. He is open to suggestions but also not shy about giving direction to capture your best shot. Would absolutely recommend!
Nick HamparyanNick Hamparyan
23:43 27 Feb 22
I got my headshots taken with Lev and they turned out great! He is a true professional that understands the importance of taking photographs that highlight one's true essence. Moreover, working with Lev is sure to be a fulfilling experience as he encourages you to showcase your authentic self with the camera. Ultimately, his meticulous and thorough approach to producing the highest quality photographs is met with a genuine interest in fulfilling the client's needs.
craig woolridgecraig woolridge
22:31 12 Jan 22
I recently had the pleasure of meeting and working with Lev. What a fantastic experience. He made me feel comfortable, which allowed me to work and come alive for the camera. He’s a true professional and perfectionist. However, he will engage with you to get the best shot. I’ve worked with many photographers before; Lev is the real deal. If you're looking for the best headshots and images, look no further, Lev is your photographer!
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Actor Headshots NYC FAQ

Getting the right actor headshots is no small feat! First, you have to choose a photographer who understands the needs of an actor. You don’t want someone who just knows how to take pictures—you need someone with experience in making actors look their best and helping them stand out from the competition. Good headshot photographers will be familiar with angles, lighting, and even wardrobe that can make or break a good photo.

Once you’ve chosen your photographer, it’s time to get in front of the camera. Every actor has different facial features and nuances that should be showcased differently in their headshots depending on what kind of roles they are targeting. Be prepared to experiment with various poses and expressions until you find the one that works for you. And don’t be afraid to try something out of the ordinary—you never know what might work best! Finally, make sure you have an arsenal of headshots that represent different characters and emotions so agents and casting directors can easily envision you in a variety of roles.

When you’re getting your actor headshots taken, it’s important that each look conveys the different characters you’ll be cast to play. This means that you should use different hairstyles, makeup looks, clothing styles, and poses to show off your range as an actor. Make sure the photographer is aware of what you’re trying to do so they can help you get the right shot. Additionally, it’s important to get headshots that look professional and polished. Choosing a reliable photographer who has experience with actor headshots is essential to getting the perfect shots. With clear, accurate images, you can show potential casting directors just how much range you have as an actor.

When it comes to professional actor headshots in NYC, you don’t want to skimp on quality and cost. After all, your headshot is the first thing casting directors will see of you and could potentially make or break your chances at booking a role! But how much should you expect to invest in the perfect portrait? On average, professional actor headshots taken by experienced photographers in New York City can range anywhere from $600 – $3,500 depending on package details and photographer reputation. Do not try to get a cheap photographer or bargain on price. Investing in a good headshot is an investment into your career and can be worth every penny!

Before deciding on anyone, research photographers in the area to compare their portfolios and prices. You can also ask friends that are already in the industry for references of local photographers they’ve used before. When you find someone who fits within your budget and has plenty of experience shooting headshots, make sure to set up a pre-shoot consultation with them so you both have an understanding of what type of look you want to go for and what areas need to be covered during the shoot day itself. A good photographer should always take the time to talk through logistics with each client and understand their specific needs as an actor. It’s also super helpful if your photographer is a professional actor too as they will have an even better understanding of what you need. Investing in the perfect headshot can truly be a game-changer! So take your time and make sure to do your research when it comes to budget and finding the right photographer for you.

Finally, treat your headshot session like any other audition. Be prepared for each shot, stay focused on the task at hand, and be confident in yourself no matter what happens. This will help ensure that your final images reflect the best version of yourself so that casting directors will take notice!

The key is to make sure your photo stands out from the crowd and accurately conveys your look. When preparing for an acting headshot, it’s important to make sure you look professional but still show your personality. Choose clothing that fits well and shows off your best features. If you’re going for a more traditional look, classic colors like black, navy blue or gray can be used as a base with hints of color in accessories or scarves. Your hair should be styled neatly, and if necessary bring along some extra products such as hairspray or pomade so your stylist can make adjustments when needed.

In addition to choosing appropriate clothing and grooming products, it’s also important to make sure your headshot is taken by a professional photographer who knows how to capture the right angle and lighting. They should be able to help you relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera so your personality can shine through. When looking at different photographers, be sure to ask to see samples of their work so you can get an idea of their style. Once you’ve found a photographer you’re happy with, it’s time to start thinking about poses. This is where having a variety of photos comes in handy, as you can try out different angles and expressions until you find the ones that work best for you.

When it comes to acting headshots, there are a few key elements to keep in mind. With the right clothing, grooming and photographer, you can be sure that your headshots will accurately reflect the image you want to project. Make sure you take the time to get everything just right, so your headshots can help showcase your talent and make a great impression on casting directors.

When you have a professional working actor as your headshot photographer, you get to benefit from their deep understanding of the industry. The insight that comes with having an insider’s perspective can help make sure your headshots are perfectly tailored for the roles you want to land. A professional actor has been in those same casting director chairs before and knows what they’re looking for in order to cast someone in a role.

Having a pro-actor behind the lens also means having someone who completely understands acting technique and how important it is to capture the right expression and emotion on camera. It’s not just about getting a nice picture; it’s about creating something powerful that captures exactly who you are as an actor. A professional actor has the ability to draw out your range and make sure every headshot is a true reflection of you as a performer.

Last but not least, a professional working actor knows how to make the whole process fun! Actor Headshots can be intimidating for some actors, so having someone behind the camera who’s encouraging and passionate about the craft can help ease any nerves or worries you may have. It’s also simply more enjoyable to work with someone who understands what it takes to be successful in this business, and that makes getting great shots easier than ever!

Bottom line: if you want great headshots that truly reflect your talent, having a professional working actor as your photographer is the way to go. Their insider knowledge and expertise will be invaluable in helping you get the shots you need to kickstart your career. Plus, it’s more fun with someone who understands the craft and can make sure you’re having a good time! So don’t wait—get started on booking that professional working actor as your headshot photographer today!

Headshots for actors are very vital, they are one of the primary marketing materials that sell you before you walk into a room. Your casting headshot personifies you before a callback is done, so it definitely needs to embody everything you can deliver for optimum success every time it’s presented.

New York City has evolved into a global center of arts and culture, commerce, education, fashion, finance, healthcare, communications, and transportation. It’s populated with seasoned photographers specializing in acting photoshoots, coupled with the sheer diversity of locations, ranging from Staten Island to the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and lovely Manhattan. These five boroughs of NYC constitute an adequate geographical landscape to explore. All these have a fine making of a true photographer’s playground.

Actor headshots at GORNPHOTO bring out the fullest potential in individuals.

Why do Actors Need Headshots?

Your headshot gets you the attention, and the talent lands you the role. Acting headshots are a part of the actor portfolio and are the most crucial tool in one’s arsenal.

Many actors have actor portraits amongst their acting portfolio which is an artistic representation of the individual, while an actor headshot is a professional representation.

The world population taken as of 2022 estimates humans to be over 3 billion, with the female sex ranging higher than the males.

So what sets you apart? Finding a needle in a haystack is arduous; in the entertainment world, a good actor’s headshot is one of the key things that set you apart. It is imperative as a representative before you step into a room, as it’s your first contact with your employer.

Let’s take a look at the main reasons why male actor headshots, as well as female actor headshots, are needed:

  • To get work: The first reason is that it will help you get an agent, which can lead to more jobs and higher pay.
  • They are used in casting calls and auditions, which will help you get to work faster by building up your network. Not only do headshots give an actor a chance to show off their talent, but they are also an opportunity to introduce themselves and their career to potential employers in an engaging manner.
  • A good actor headshot increases the number of people contacting you about acting jobs and other opportunities that may arise during this process.
  • Another great reason actors should have their headshots is because they are a great way of promoting themselves online through social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter!
  • To network and meet other actors, directors, agents, producers, and casting directors.
  • To learn more about the industry and how it works.

What Should an Actor’s Headshot Look Like?

  • Professional, clean and clear. With no props or people in the shot. It should have good lighting and be of high quality. No sunglasses or hats.
  • No filters or effects (unless it’s an artsy shot).

A good actor/actress headshot is professional, in focus, and well-lit. It should be a good representation of your personality and show the best side of yourself. Headshots for acting should also be precise so that they can be read easily by casting directors or hiring managers who need to become more familiar with you.

When shooting professional headshots for actors, the headshot photographer should always have a plan of what shots/angles to get after the consultation and pre-shoot discussion. This way, it will be easier for you to get the best shots without wasting time or getting caught up in the moment.

How Often Should you Update your Headshots?

A professional actor’s headshot needs updating over time. The best thing about updating your headshot is that it allows employers and potential clients to see how much your look has changed over time. It also helps them understand who they’re hiring and whether they can trust their judgment.

A good rule of thumb is to update your actor headshots every six months for children and every 1-2 years for adults.

If you’re not working, it’s okay to avoid getting new headshots periodically, but if you are working and are actively pursuing opportunities, you must get new headshots.

Also, if you are highly sought after and want to keep up with the latest photography trends, you might require more regular headshots.

Getting Ready/Preparing for your Actor Headshots

Actors should wear simple, non-distracting clothing for their professional headshots for acting sessions. Simplicity is key. The focus should be squarely on you. As headshots for casting, while planning, one should:

  • Make sure you are well rested.
  • Be in a good mood but not too excited or nervous.
  • Avoid wearing too much makeup and heavy jewelry, as these can look unnatural on camera and distract from your face.
  • Bring your clothes to the shoot; this will save money on alterations later! They must also fit, so they look good when edited.

Where to get Professional Actor Headshots

Headshots are the foundation of your brand and should be taken care of by a professional before your next job or promotional opportunity. Slightly different from traditional photography, headshot photography captures the expression and essence of the individual.

In choosing a headshot studio, you get personal attention from an experienced professional headshot photographer. The advantages of hiring a professional are numerous, and some of these include the following:

  • Your headshot will be printed on high-quality photo paper and then laminated with a UV coating to protect the image for years to come.
  • The photographer will use great lighting and settings to make your face look great.
  • You get personalized service, consultations, and various backgrounds to work with
  • They use professional equipment and follow industry standards in producing your headshots.
  • They provide portfolio services for prospective employers who want to see your work.

If you are looking for a well-established studio with an experienced actor headshot photographer who has been around for years and knows what they’re doing, look no further than GORNPHOTO, led by Lev Gorn.

With over 20 years of experience under the belt, his knowledge of casting directors and personal coaching gives that unique touch to headshots. He has redefined the art of headshot photography.

Book a session at GORNPHOTO today for your top-notch professional headshots.

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  • Get signed with an agent and manager
  • Be noticed by casting and directors
  • Book auditions
  • Meet film directors
  • Make awesome self-tapes and get callbacks
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Expert Industry Tools From Lev Gorn 

  • Get signed with an agent and manager
  • Be noticed by casting and directors
  • Book auditions
  • Meet film directors
  • Make awesome self-tapes and get callbacks
  • Plus more!!