Led by Lev Gorn, NYC’s premier headshot photographer of more than 20 years, and a well known TV actor, Gornphoto studio offers a unique client experience tailored to your company needs. Lev’s dual perspective enables him to expertly coach your team and make them feel confident and relaxed throughout the shoot, resulting in warm, engaging headshots that send a powerful message to your clients and partners.
Creative Vision: Lev Gorn will turn your events into captivating visual narratives. From corporate conferences, promotional events, team building initiatives, corporate dinners, to holiday parties, Lev creates images that freeze moments in time and capture the emotions and atmosphere that shape your event.

Professional Expertise: With over 20 years of experience, Lev skillfully manages challenging lighting situations and seamlessly blends into the background to capture amazing candid moments or takes the initiative to create natural looking group shots.

Cutting-Edge Equipment: Top-of-the-line lighting and camera equipment is used to ensure all images are crisp, vibrant, and stunning. From Canon and Sony cameras to Profoto lighting, Lev uses the most reliable cutting-edge gear.

Adaptability: Whether you prefer a classic look or a more contemporary documentary style, the photos will reflect your event’s purpose and capture the essence of your company’s vibe. And most importantly, Lev will make the experience fun and memorable.


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GORNPHOTO offers custom packages to fit all of your needs. Every package includes:

Clients testimonials

Paul Ben Victor

I first met Lev on the 2nd season of HBO’s “The Wire,” where we both played the bad guys. It was clear from the start that Lev had a deep understanding of acting and he often gave me suggestions for my performance. Within moments he would give me fantastic choices perfect for my character that crushed it and made the final cut. Throughout the past 20 years, Lev coached me on numerous projects. He worked with me on every episode on my recent Netflix comedy, coming out Fall 2024. I was literally onset between shots being coached by him. I loved working with Lev. What sets him apart is that he is a working actor himself which allows him to offer great insights outside the box. I’ve recommended him to friends over the years. Lev is just an amazing dude and has become a close friend as well over the years.

Anne Beyer

I first discovered Lev after watching his incredible work as an actor with a two season arc on For All Mankind on Apple TV. He has an indescribable way of inhabiting a character that glues you to your screen. When I heard that he coaches, I was thrilled for the opportunity when I got an audition for S.W.A.T. It was a physical and delightfully evil role. Lev made me feel alive! And we had fun! One of the scenes included a fight with a lot of directions. Often wondering how to play something like that on a self-tape, Lev broke it down for me and simplified it in a way that the physical struggle blended seamlessly with the emotional. What I also truly appreciated was his honesty. Lev pushes you to your limits and gets the best out of you. He takes a lot of pride in his work and won’t end the session until you’re truly ready! Needless to say, I booked the role.

Benny Iler

Lev coached me for The Godfather Of Harlem. There weren’t a ton of lines in the scene, but Lev helped me create the feeling of the place in which the scene was taking place. There was also a lot of physical action, but with Lev’s direction I was able to make that action seem like it was truly happening, instead of just standing in front of the camera and waiting for my next line. He coached me as if I was reading for a series regular part. Lev helped me emphasize the sensory elements to make the scene come to life. I stopped thinking and committed to doing, which made the scene real! Ultimately, I booked the role and it was pretty much exactly what I did on the day we filmed. My work in that small scene led to being added into two more episodes and then coming back as a recurring guest-star for the next season.

Lev Gorn is a business portrait photographer, fine artist, and celebrated actor. Lev has been making magic happen in front and behind the camera for over 20 years, creating stunning portraits of celebrities like Justin Bieber to founders of multinational companies like Max Levchin of PayPal and ground-braking litigators like Israel David. When Lev is not behind the camera, you can catch him on a hit show such as The Americans, For All Mankind, The Wire, and countless others. Lev will translate your executive story into powerful one-of-a-kind images.

Lev’s first-hand knowledge of the business and extensive experience in front and behind the camera sets him apart from the rest of NYC headshot photographers. He has developed a uniquely personal and innovative approach to photographing  business professionals. Lev’s “behind the scenes” understanding of how to make anyone feel comfortable in front of the camera keeps clients coming back again and again…

Over 20 years of experience


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