Lev Gorn is a European-born photographer, fine artist, award-winning filmmaker and professional actor. Lev’s family portraits hang in residences throughout the world next to the work of other celebrated artists and photographers. His life-long creative journey has given him the insight to transform your spontaneous reality, the truth and love of your private family moments, into Fine Art. Lev lives for the unguarded moment when a glimpse of your inner magic is captured in his camera.


Lev Gorn is a European-born photographer, fine artist, award-winning filmmaker and professional actor. Lev’s family portraits hang in residences throughout the world next to the work of other celebrated artists and photographers. His life-long creative journey has given him the insight to transform your spontaneous reality, the truth and love of your private family moments, into Fine Art. Lev lives for the unguarded moment when a glimpse of your inner magic is captured in his camera.



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FAMILY PORTRAITS customer testimonials

Jennifer HellwarthJennifer Hellwarth
22:15 12 May 23
I have worked with Lev on corporate headshots several times this year and he has done a great job for us! Several of the reasons we continue to use him, 1]price is competitive, 2]quality of work, 3]communication, 4]ease of scheduling, 5]willingness to calendar a rush when needed, 6]turnaround time on photos, and 7]our employees have mentioned how great he is to work with. I highly recommend Lev for your corporate photography needs!
Stacye MayerStacye Mayer
18:11 21 Apr 23
Lev knows what it takes to capture your true self in a headshot. I have been recommending Lev Gorn for years. His sharp eye & knowledge of what it takes to grab the attention of industry professionals; like casting directors, agents, managers has always been exceptional. You will always receive a variety of shots you can easily swap out accordingly. Book your session soon!
Nicole FinneganNicole Finnegan
14:41 01 Feb 23
Excellent experience getting my professional headshot taken by Lev! A very kind guy, easy to talk to, and makes you feel comfortable (which means better photos!) My whole office uses him and for good reason - definitely the best place to get headshots in NYC.
Kathy SantopietroKathy Santopietro
22:01 09 Jan 23
Highly recommend Lev- he knows the business and knows what shots are needed. Great studio, professional and very knowledgable. I can't wait to get these shots up on the casting sites for my son. Actors, new and seasoned, would benefit from a session with Lev.
Rick WhiteRick White
18:17 29 Nov 22
I found Lev through a post on LinkedIn by a former colleague, and I loved the quality I saw. However, since my colleague is in Atlanta, I did not realize he was working out of NYC. So... even though his home base is NYC and I am based in Atlanta, I concluded that I liked his work more than others I had seen locally... I decided I would go to NYC to get my professional photos. I'm pleased with the results and recommend to anyone looking for quality photography with a great photographer that is easy to work with to contact Lev.
emma bristowemma bristow
16:51 30 Oct 22
Headshot photographer NYC. LEV GORN IS AMAZING!!! Him and his make up artist Maria was the best. This was a wonderful experience I ever had. He is very compassionate and skilled he knows how to make you comfortable. You will not regret booking with him!!
Katarina MorhacovaKatarina Morhacova
22:21 22 Oct 22
Lev is one of the best headshot photographers I’ve worked with both in the US. and Europe. His knowledge of the industry, understanding of both actor and photographer needs and POV and his personality and attitude will get you the results you need! You won’t be disappointed and your headshots will get you called in for auditions!
C. Hope BelmontC. Hope Belmont
19:52 28 Sep 22
Simply put, Lev Gorn is a rockstar. Having been an actor for years, these are the best headshots I’ve ever gotten. Himself a working actor, Lev has a unique eye when it comes to what Casting & producers need. Kind, instinctive, with a detailed “prep”… our session went smoothly. Honestly, I went into this photo shoot with a “pandemic brain”, and left excited for what the future holds. I study my craft & network with CDs, but Lev Gorn‘s photos will open many more doors. It’s very exciting! Run to him people. Lev is the BEST headshot photographer in New York City!
Erin HorlemanErin Horleman
17:38 08 Sep 22
Would absolutely recommend working with Lev if you’re looking for a headshot photographer in NYC! Look no further. Lev was extremely professional from planning the shoot all the way through to the end. We were required to have our shots taken outside and Lev was extremely accommodating in rescheduling due to weather and schedule challenges. During the shoot he was super engaging and made sure my awkwardness in front of the camera didn’t come through at all. Schedule your shoot with him ASAP!
Geo MandellGeo Mandell
21:17 10 Aug 22
Lev is amazing! He handled our company headshots in June and was truly a joy to work with from the moment I called him for a quote to the day we received our final photos. He made the process very seamless and was beyond flexible with our ever changing schedule. On the day of, he was so great with our team. He was efficient and professional and frankly just extremely good at what he does. Beyond his refreshing candor, the photos came out amazing. He managed to a make all of us look so great and bright and refreshed all while feeling very natural. He is A++++.
Lisa RuaneLisa Ruane
11:02 25 Jun 22
Lev took my first headshots many, many years ago and when I decided to get new ones this year, it never even crossed my mind to call anyone else. Lev is a true professional. He knows the business inside and out, as he is also a talented actor. He takes all of the guess-work and nerves out of the experience, guiding you every step of the way. It is evident from your first conversation that he loves what he does and that you know you can trust his expertise! He plays great music in his bright studio and it is truly an all around fantastic experience. He seriously takes the best headshots in NYC! Thank you, Lev!
Kathryn O'ConnellKathryn O'Connell
21:51 01 Jun 22
After my LA based reps struck down a few nyc photographers I sent them, they ended up suggesting Lev and I’m so glad they found him! I was happy to see that Lev is himself a working actor, and I got the vibe that I was getting everything I needed and not wasting time on anything I did not. Totally easy and stress free shoot, and I can’t wait to start getting more auditions from my shots!
Sheila WalshSheila Walsh
18:46 20 May 22
Lev was very professional and efficient, and he knew exactly how to take the best shots. I was nervous, but he made the experience easy and fun. My headshots are going to look great for LinkedIn, corporate blogs, personal use, etc. I would highly recommend Lev for anyone in need of new or refreshed photos- excellent job!
Aiden SlavinAiden Slavin
18:54 19 May 22
Lev is the man! He is a great photographer and a pleasure to work with. He got my headshot done in a matter of days after we connected and the photos look great. He is open to suggestions but also not shy about giving direction to capture your best shot. Would absolutely recommend!
Nick HamparyanNick Hamparyan
23:43 27 Feb 22
I got my headshots taken with Lev and they turned out great! He is a true professional that understands the importance of taking photographs that highlight one's true essence. Moreover, working with Lev is sure to be a fulfilling experience as he encourages you to showcase your authentic self with the camera. Ultimately, his meticulous and thorough approach to producing the highest quality photographs is met with a genuine interest in fulfilling the client's needs.
craig woolridgecraig woolridge
22:31 12 Jan 22
I recently had the pleasure of meeting and working with Lev. What a fantastic experience. He made me feel comfortable, which allowed me to work and come alive for the camera. He’s a true professional and perfectionist. However, he will engage with you to get the best shot. I’ve worked with many photographers before; Lev is the real deal. If you're looking for the best headshots and images, look no further, Lev is your photographer!


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A family portrait is a photographic representation of your family’s current relationships and dynamics. It captures the personalities, emotions, and interactions between members of your family at a particular moment in time. Family portraits provide an opportunity to document your family’s progress throughout the years, as well as capture the ‘now’ before it fades away.

Family portraits give families a physical and lasting representation of their family. They can be as informal or formal as desired, depending on the style you choose for your shoot. Professional photographers will help you to create an atmosphere where everyone feels relaxed and comfortable so that the final result is something that truly reflects the essence of your family. Whether it be a traditional style or something more creative, family portraits will make for treasured keepsakes you can look back on and smile.

It’s no secret that our family is of utmost importance to us, so why not take the time to freeze this precious moment in time? A family portrait is an investment worth making. It will be a reminder to generations of what your family means to you and the special bond that exists between all of its members.

When deciding what to wear for family portraits, remember that the focus should be on you and your loved ones, not what you’re wearing. Start by choosing an outfit that reflects your personality and style, but also coordinates with the rest of the family. Neutral colors like navy, khaki, gray, and white tend to look best in family photos. To add a bit of color and personality to your look, choose an accessory like a scarf or statement necklace.

For clothing, avoid anything too distracting with busy patterns, logos, or characters. Also steer clear of bright colors that might draw attention away from the people in the photo. Be sure to plan for different weather conditions, as outdoor family photos can be unpredictable. Be prepared with a jacket, umbrella, or other layers if needed. Above all else, make sure everyone is comfortable and feeling confident in their clothing choices for the best results!

When you’re ready to take the perfect family photo, try to make sure that everyone is dressed in a coordinated but not matchy-matchy style. If your family has multiple generations represented, think about wearing coordinating colors and similar tones for a unified look. The goal should be to let each individual personality shine through while still creating a cohesive family portrait. Have fun with it and you’ll end up with an amazing photo that will be cherished for years to come!

Don’t forget to bring along any sentimental items or props that will make the photo even more meaningful! With a bit of planning and attention to detail, you’ll be sure to capture a beautiful family moment in time.

When posing for a family portrait, it is important to keep the overall look in mind. It’s best if everyone in the photo looks happy and connected. Start by having each person standing close together but facing forward, with their arms at their sides or clasped in front of them. For larger groups, you can create a triangle shape with the tallest family members standing at the back and the shortest at the front. Another way to make sure everyone looks good is to have them lean into one another slightly, creating a subtle connection between them.

To add some variety, you can ask each person in your group to put their hand on someone else’s shoulder or link arms. Doing this gives the photo a sense of unity and closeness. You can also have different people look in various directions or at each other for a natural, candid feel. To make sure everyone looks their best, remind them to keep their backs straight and shoulders relaxed. Finally, ask everyone to smile as wide as possible for a beautiful family portrait!

When it comes to getting professional family portraits taken, location is everything. There are a number of great places that can make for perfect backdrops, depending on the style you’re going for.

If you want something classic and timeless, head outdoors to a park or beach. These locations offer natural lighting and scenic background that will bring out the best in your family photos. For a more urban feel, consider heading to the city and finding an alleyway or bridge with graffiti and iconic architecture. This will create a unique atmosphere that will make your pictures stand out.

For something with a bit of whimsy, head to a botanical garden or arboretum. These locations typically have lush gardens and pathways that will add a little bit of magic to your images. If you’re looking for something truly unique, consider visiting an abandoned building or factory; the decaying walls and rustic charm can make for some incredible shots.

No matter where you choose to take your family photos, the important thing is that you’re comfortable in your setting and the location reflects your personality. With a bit of creativity, you can find the perfect place to capture some lasting memories.

Family portraits can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the photographer, the quality of the photographs, and whether you purchase digital files or prints. The cost for a family portrait session can include travel fees if you’re not shooting in-studio, hair and makeup services, and any additional digital files or prints you might want.

When considering the cost of a family portrait, it’s important to remember that you are investing in a lasting memory. Good photography captures moments in time that can be cherished for years to come. Professional photographers take pride in creating works of art through their photographs, and this can be reflected in the cost. Be sure to do some research on different photographers and their pricing before deciding who to go with for your family portrait. Additionally, do not look for discounts. Look for the best photographer who can create unforgettable, timeless photos. That is worth its weight in gold.

It’s a good idea to set a budget for your family portrait before you start shopping around. You may find that the photographer who offers the best deal isn’t the right fit for your family. While price is an important factor, making sure that you and your family are comfortable with the photographer is just as important. It’s better to spend a more money on the right photographer, rather than just settling for the cheapest option. Finally, consider what you will do with your photos once they are taken. If you plan to print them, the cost of prints can add up quickly. Digital files are often available at an additional fee and may be the best option to ensure you are able to enjoy your photos for years to come. Taking all of these factors into consideration will help make sure that your family portrait is a memory to cherish for a lifetime.

Ultimately, the cost of a family portrait in NYC depends on a variety of different factors and the prices can vary greatly from one photographer to another. Do your research and make sure the photographer is a good fit for you, and set a budget before choosing a package that best fits your needs. This investment will provide priceless memories that can be enjoyed now, and by generations to come.


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