To all my fellow actors! Your acting career is not a sprint, it’s a marathon!

Sending a strong statement to casting directors is consistently providing great auditions. It shows that you’re not only enthusiastic about acting, but also committed to the craft and very talented. When you bring all of these traits together, you become an exceptional actor.

Envision yourself progressing from one audition to the next, with each one serving as a stepping stone. You are getting closer and closer to landing that role of your dreams with everyone. Listen, your main objective at an audition shouldn’t be to land the part on the spot. It boils down to just turning up and giving it your all. You need a killer headshot that will put you “into the room”! of New York City has been a top choice for actor headshots for the last two decades. You will definitely see results from their amazing work!



Getting ready comes first. Creating a plan for your trip is a good analogy. But, as with any road trip, you can expect to face unforeseen detours. Your task is to be flexible and true to your destination at the same time. Rehearse your audition pieces until you’re blue in the face, maybe with the help of a coach or a committed reader.


Following that, there is the nerve-wracking pit stop that is the waiting area prior to your audition. Experiencing anxiety? Completely typical. The situation is analogous to coping with unpredictable weather. But have no fear; calming your anxieties with some basic breathing techniques is all it takes.


Never forget that behind every curtain in the audition room is a real person. Make an emotional connection with your reader by discovering something they truly value. Have faith that you are all working together as a team to successfully complete the audition process.


What follows an audition is a roller coaster of feelings. No matter how you feel when you leave, keep in mind that you’re here for the long run. Afterward, be kind to yourself no matter how you feel about your performance. To learn and improve from each audition, keep a journal in which you record every aspect, including your feelings.

Also, when you slate, remember to take five seconds to prepare. Here is your opportunity to create an atmosphere that will propel you into the spotlight throughout your performance.


Where do self-tapes fit in? You can improve your on-camera abilities by using them. You might look for auditions on sites like Backstage, Playbill, and NYCastings, or you can think about paying for private sessions. As an acting coach, Lev Gorn is among the top in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta. In just five sessions, he shows you how to book acting jobs with a dynamic audition technique. Ya gotta see the magic he works with actors!

Therefore, my friend, welcome your career in acting with open arms. Recognize and appreciate your successes, take stock of your failures, and press on. Indeed, each audition presents an opportunity to amplify your brilliance and draw nearer to your aspirations.

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