Book Acting Work With Your Own Self-Tape Set Up

You must be prepared to make your own audition self-tape the same or next day you get an audition. If you don’t have your own set-up please fix this asap! It can make a profound difference in your audition quality and hence, your career.

What are the pros?

You get to do as many takes as you need and it won’t cost a dime more when you go over an hour.

You create your own lighting. You choose your own reader. You are in control of your career!

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What do you need to create a home self-tape studio?

There has never been a bigger demand for all types of programs. Since all of the TV networks and online streaming services are fighting for audiences, they are constantly producing new programming.


Every week, your prospects of booking a Television show multiply. Be prepared to seize the opportunity when it arises. The three most important tools for launching your acting career are actor headshots, an updated reel, and a self-tape set-up. Your moment has come….


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