Corporate Photography Guide

Below is our extensive guide to taking professional corporate headshots:

Plan for the Photoshoot

We recommend planning a photoshoot ahead of time. Planning ahead will allow us to better understand and execute your vision. Choose a few photos from our site that you would like to emulate.

Makeup Services

We strongly recommend you book a professional makeup artist. Just as you are booking a professional photographer, a similar approach should apply to a make-up/hair artist, whether you’re a woman or a man.

Our make-up/hair artist is professional and easy to work with. The fee is $350.00 for women and $250 for men. The makeup artist stays throughout the entire shoot making sure your makeup and hair looks perfect in every shot.

Wardrobe Selection

Actor Headshots: During your complimentary pre-shoot consultation you and Lev will discuss your career goals and your specific type. He will then tailor wardrobe suggestions specifically to you and the roles you will be cast to play.

Corporate Headshots: A classic dark blue or gray suit paired with a light blue or white shirt is recommended for men. Women should opt for a fitted blazer with a camisole or an upscale blouse.

For a business casual look, skip the formal jacket and tie and go with a dress shirt, or blouse for women, that is flattering to your skin tone.
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Background Selection

Different backdrops will create different looks, so it is important for Lev to select a background that is appropriate for the impact you want to achieve. In your pre-shoot interview Lev will help guide you to make the right decision.

Since backdrops are not a one-size-fits-all kind of photo, below are specific standards based on different industries. Check out our blog for more information on the best backgrounds for headshots.

Top-Notch Equipment

Lev works with top-notch equipment-using a Canon EOS 5DR camera and Profoto Lights.

Test Photo

Before the main session, we take several test pictures to ensure the lighting and ambiance is correct.

Choosing Your Photos

After the session, Lev will take the time to help you select the best images from the shoot. There is no extra fee for this. Lev believes that the photographic process isn’t complete unless his clients select the best shots from the shoot. One image can make all the difference to get that phone call or email which will launch your career.

Turnaround Time and Photo Editing

Our editing services may include improving skin texture, removing flaws, brightening teeth, editing the hair, making modifications to clothes, or changing the backdrop.

The price of a retouched image is $60. If you choose 3 or more headshots for retouching, the price per image goes down to $50.

Your final (raw) images will be delivered via email within 2 hours in a downloadable link to your private gallery. 24hr. You will have 10 days to download your images, after which they are archived for 1 year should you ever misplace them or have a complete technical meltdown.
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Top-Notch Corporate Headshots in New York at GORNPHOTO

At GORNPHOTO, we are skilled at bringing out the finest, most captivating qualities in our clients, whether photographing a CEO, executive, or staff member. When you schedule an appointment with us, we’ll deliver at several places across New York City at affordable corporate headshot prices.

There are several advantages to hiring a photography studio. First, you are sure the photographer is an expert at his craft. Choosing a studio ensures that your photos will be taken by a professional.

Second, you get to choose your photographer based on various factors, such as style and price.

Finally, if you hire a professional photographer Lev Gorn, you can rest assured that he will follow your preferences and deliver the best possible results. By contrast, if you take photographs yourself, you may miss important details or have poor images.

Hiring a professional photographer is a great way to ensure that your outdoor corporate headshots are top-notch.

At Gornphoto, we have a great professional team to help you achieve all these and more without worries. Contact us today!

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